I am more than happy to announce that Mirvision Collection 1 will be available to everyone late April. April 28th to be exact, i want to thank everyone who has kept their patience through this long process. It’s been a year and half since Mirvision (MV) was supposed to be here but I honestly wasn’t ready as a designer to give my best work. Overtime I’ve really been inspired by everything around me, so many inspiring faces have crossed my path in this time of creating. I set out on a goal about a year and half ago to inspire. Not just to inspire those who have the same passion for fashion but to inspire anyone who has ever been counted out. The original collection name “Friend Zone” got its name from something i was going through and something everyone could relate to, everyone has had a friend zone situation in their life, we are all slammed with the realization of reality in a dream like moment. My heart wasn’t accepted and needed somewhere to go, I then turned to what meant the most to me and that’s MV. MV is simply what you see, everyone’s vision is not the same, everyone’s vision is different and that’s what I want to show through MV. Collection 1 is now titled “Vengeance”. I was so tired of the revenge movement that i was obsessed with when i started getting everything together, I really wanted to have a title that meant more than just getting over something but a title that shows growth and preparation in finally achieving the goal of moving past something and conquering it as well. With all that being said I’m so ready to put this first collection out to the world and will be debuting the collection at The Underground Fashion Show April 28, more details on the show will be released later. Thanks for reading and I hope this brings more excitement for the day MV is released.

– Ramir


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