Is Fashion Important?

Fashion is important to those who find expressing there self important. Many study fashion, love fashion, or even go to school for fashion. Fashion is more than how an outfit is put together or what fabrics were used on a item. Fashion is an art. There are people that do not look at fashion in this way, some may say that fashion does not belong in the importance of our society. Many might feel that fashion is irrelevant because they don’t truly know what fashion is. Fashion is a tool to express for some, while for others they may look at it as a category they don’t belong in. Some might feel this way because they don’t have a taste for clothes or might not really care what they decide to where. Fashion is far more important than just a genre, it is something that every single human deals with everyday, that’s why it’s more important than some may think.  

There are many reasons why fashion might just not be that important. There are some that think that fashion is harmful to our society and takes away from more important topics like education or economics. Therefore people don’t want to take place in anything that deals with fashion because they feel that there putting their energy into something that isn’t as important as other topics. Furthermore, “people should find other ways to be creative, like joining an art class, or getting into photography”(Cinnabelly). Joining an art class, or being creative in other ways might seem more reasonable and positive due to the criticism that the fashion world can bring, there’s a lot of criticism that can be brought to a person’s outfit, love of a brand or style.

Many will judge no matter what your “fashion sense” is, some people do not like criticism so having a strong interest can be considered risk for some. Is something like fashion important in today’s world even though your style can be considered relevant to someone else’s? For some the answer is no.

Fashion is much more than just how clothes are put together,the latest pairs of shoes or trendiest way to wear an item. Fashion is an art and way of life “fashion is a natural place for art, love, history and culture to mix”. (LaGrave) If art, love, history and culture are all important in the world today, fashion is right on the list with them. Fashion can be used as a tool for people to open up, the colors you might put together to where can maybe describe the mood you’re in, or even if it’s hard for you to voice your inner creativity, fashion is a visual way to show it. “Fashion can make you more creative in your everyday life.”(Cinabelly) Whether you like fashion or not, you show some type of form of it every day. For instance a sweatsuit to go to the gym in, your work uniform or even the outfit you wear to the grocery store are all forms of fashion. In this case you should feel that fashion is important because its apart of your everyday life. Fashion also ties into culture and religion, a cultural style such as hip-hop artist wearing gold chains and the latest clothing items, can make you feel apart of a group or way of life. In religion, things that are worn for example Muslim woman who cover their faces with head scarves.  “That could definitely be classified as a “fashion statement,” because it is taking the way that you dress and using it for a purpose.” (Cinabelly) Fashion will

always be around and be used everyday in your life, fashion is important to you because it’s the outer layer of your creativeness.

In conclusion, those who may feel that fashion is not important, needs to know their role in it. They need to know that it is indeed a form of art and the way it can make you feel by how you look to others. Fashion can bring out your creativeness and can help show what you are afraid to say. What you have on is the first impression many times, with fashion you’re judged no matter what, it is important to be yourself and the way you dress is a way of showing who a you are. No matter how you try to dismiss the subject, you ARE fashion, and you are important.


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